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The following documents to be submitted at the time of admission, failing which the admission stands cancelled-
Photocopy Of Birth Certificate Transfer Certificate in original
Photocopy Of Address Proof (Ration card/ telephone bill/ gas connection/ electricity Bill) Photocopy Of Aadhar Card
Photocopy of Last 2 years report card (For class 2 and upwards) Medical Report (If Any)
01 6x4cm Family Photo In Case of OBC/SC/ST, relevant attested documents
Original TC and Photocopy of Mark Sheet of previous class to be submitted within 10 days of beginning of the new academic session, for which the admission of your ward has been sought for.
Additional Details
Our aspirations as parents for our child are
How do you Propose & encourage your child to learn/bridge gaps in teaching?
Our expection from the School and the teachers with respect to our child are?
Interests/ hobbies & special talent of our child (if any)
What arrangement is being made after school hours if both parents are working?
Does your child suffer from any disability or ailment requiring special attention at school?
a) the information furnished above is correct and complete to the best of our knowledge.
b) we understand that there are constraints of vacancy in each class and admission cannot be confirmed by mere registration.
c) we understand and agree that misrepresentation or omission of facts will justify the denial of admission, the cancellation of admission or expulsion from school.
d) we have read and hereby consent to the terms and conditions given in the form.
e) we shall abide by all the rules and regulations of the school laid by Management along with changes, if any, intimated to us time to time.
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Total Fee INR 1000
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